Are you getting married in 2023 and looking for some inspiration for your wedding? Whether you want a classic or contemporary wedding, a large or intimate affair, a formal or relaxed vibe, there are plenty of ways to make your special day stand out from the rest.

Here are some of the top wedding trends that will be popular in Australia in 2023:

  1. Wedding flowers and installations: One of the most striking ways to decorate your wedding venue is with flowers and installations. Dried or preserved flowers are a trendy choice, as they add texture and colour to your space. You can also opt for fresh blooms in vibrant hues, such as pink, orange and yellow. Hanging installations, such as floral chandeliers, garlands and hoops, can create a stunning focal point for your ceremony or reception. Alternatively, you can go for a minimalist look with greenery only, such as eucalyptus, ferns and succulents.
  2. The figure-hugging wedding dress: If you want to show off your curves on your big day, you might want to consider a figure-hugging wedding dress. This style is flattering for many body types and can highlight your best features. You can choose from different fabrics and details, such as lace, satin, beading or embroidery. Some brides even opt for a pink wedding dress instead of the traditional white one.
  3. Grooms suits – Hamptons style: For the grooms who want to look sharp but relaxed at the same time, a Hamptons style suit is a great option. This style consists of a light-coloured suit jacket paired with trousers or shorts in a contrasting colour. You can also add some accessories like a bow tie, pocket square or sunglasses to complete the look.
  4. The great outdoor wedding: One of the benefits of getting married in Australia is that you can enjoy its natural beauty all year round. Many couples choose to have their wedding outdoors, whether it’s on a beach, in a garden or at a winery. Outdoor weddings allow you to embrace nature and create a romantic atmosphere with natural light and fresh air.
    • Creative wedding arbours: Another way to enhance your outdoor wedding is with a creative wedding arbour. An arbour is a structure that frames your ceremony space and serves as a backdrop for your vows. You can decorate your arbour with flowers, greenery, fabric or lights to match your theme and style.