Glow Furniture

Looking for a bright idea with which to illuminate your party? Melbourne hire co has a fantastic range of Glow furniture. Our Glow furniture looks great in any space. Melbourne party hire co has Glow cocktail tables, a tall cocktail style table which is perfect for allowing guests to gather around and socialise. Our Glow Bars provide a fun and quirky bar with which you can serve drinks from. If your looking for seating options then check out our Glow snake benches and our Glow cubes.

Glow furniture hire items from Melbourne party hire co can be switched to anyone of 16 colours. Our glow hire furniture can be set to several modes that will cycle through the different colours at varing speeds and intervals. Equally our glow hire furniture can be set to one specific colour all night. Melbourne party hire co will leave you a glow remote controller with which to change the setting and cycle the glow furniture is set to. Our glow furniture items can illuminate for approx 8 hours depending what cycle you have them on.