Kids Table



Width 120cm
Depth 60cm
Height Adjustable to 49cm, 61cm or 74cm
Price $14.00
Description Standard plastic trestle table for kids, seats 6
Usage Goes perfectly with our kids chairs and can also be used for picnics

At Party Hire Group we don’t just stock adult furniture but we also stock kids’ furniture for all your event needs. Kids trestle table hire is a perfect option to provide more comfotable table arrnagements for kids parties.

Our kids’ trestle table are 1.2cm in length and 60cm wide, these tables are great as they are adjustable and can be adjusted to either 49cm, 61cm or 74cm.

Our kids’ trestle table seats 6 and we have matching kids mesh chairs to go with these tables.

For all your kids furniture needs give us a call today on 1300 339 981.