Par Can Light


Width 20cm
Depth 7cm
Height 26cm
Price $30.00
Description A colour wash light with over 20 colours that sits on ground or hung
Usage Used on entrance ways, draping, trees, stages, bridal tables, walls

Par can light hire is a great option to create a colour wash or ambient lighting. The lights project a wash of colour, and are perfect to light up walls, entrance ways, draping, trees, stages, bridal tables, columns and more. They are LED powered, and can be adjusted to make over 20 different colours.

The most popular par can light colours are red, blue, green, white, pink, yellow and purple to name a few. A small control panel on each light can be adjusted to create the colour and effect you are looking for.

The par can lights typically project light about 3 metres high, and create a wash of approximately 1-2 metres wide. If you have a large space or long area to cover, its recommended to hire multiple par can lights to give the most impact. The par can lights can be set to a fixed colour or programmed to slowly or quickly change between colours.

The par cans be set up very easily. Should you require set up, particularly of multiple lights, we have AV technicians who can do this for you for a small charge.