Slushie Machines

Looking for something to get your guests excited? Melbourne party hire co has just the answer! Slushy machines. Melbourne party hire co stocks the highest quality Italian made slushy machines, making them reliable and sturdy. With two 10 litre capacity bowls providing around 50 refreshing drinks each you can rest assured a Slushy machine hire from Melbourne party hire co will be a huge hit with your guests. Our specially designed syrups contain serious flavour and are ideal for both children’s party’s and adult party’s.

Melbourne party hire co can help give you’re party a buzz with one of our slushy machine packages. These cool machines are perfect for house parties. The only requirement for our machine is that you have access to power and a strong table. With these two basic requirements, you’ll be able to add a wow factor to your event. Our packages cover our single, double and triple bowl slushie machines. We offer a wide range of flavours that have been specially formulated for use with our machines. Our flavours are split in to two categories, adult flavours and kid’s flavours. Our adult flavours are great for cocktail parties. With popular mixes such as Cosmopolitan, Pina colada, Mojito and much more, we have everyone’s favourite. Melbourne party hire co does not provide alcohol for our slushie machines. We provide the mix and our drivers will set the machine up, leaving you to purchase and add the alcohol when your ready.

If your planning on hiring one of our slushie machines for your next party then please consider where exactly you will be wanting the machine to be set up. The best place for our machines to operate are in cool dry areas out of direct sunlight. Whilst Melbourne party hire co is confident in the reliability of our machines, we always try to ensure we give your event the best chance of being a success by locating the machine in a position where we think it will work best. With the aggressive Australian sun to compete with, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Our Slushie machines need a 30cm gap around the back and two sides. This is because the compressor within the machine needs to be able to suck in cool air, whilst at the same time it blows out hot air. If the 30cm gap is not obeyed, then there’s a risk that the compressor will be running on the hot air it is blowing out. This will inhibit the machine and effect its ability to operate smoothly. Directly effecting the consistency of your slushie. Our delivery crew are all expertly trained in how to set up and operate our slushie machines. When our crew turn up to your event, they will always be happy to provide you with advice on where they think it would be best to have the machine.

Empty our machines weigh around 40kgs. This goes up to around 60kgs once we have filled the machine with the slushie mix. With this is mind it is important that the slushie machine is placed on an appropriate table. Melbourne party hire co does not recommend using trestle tables to sit our slushe machines on. Whilst the tables will hold the weight of the machine, they can become unstable. You will notice the machine will rock at the slightest touch. We don’t recommend leaving the slushie machine in such a precarious situation. Our slushie machines are top of the range and are directly imported from Italy so the replacement cost is very high.